David A Fulton Research Group

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David A Fulton Research Group
Based in the School of Chemistry at Newcastle University, we are organic chemists performing creative and imaginative research in the fields of polymer and supramolecular chemistry.  Here you can find out more about what’s going on in our laboratory, including our current and research. The DAF group are based in the School of Chemistry's Chemical Nanoscience Laboratory, and have received generous funding from EPSRC, EU-FP7, The Royal Society, and the regional development agency OneNorthEast.

News and Research Highlights

DAF Group, November 2016.(l to r) Patrick Higgs, Gema Dura, Antonio Ruiz-Sanchez, David Fulton, Milene Dalmina, Luke Dixon.



December 2016 Patrick and Antonio presented posters at the 2016 RSC Macrocycles and Supramolecular Chemistry meeting in Edinburgh, where the conference was wrapped-up with with an excellent presentation by 2016 Nobel Prize winner Sir Fraser Stoddart.

November 2016 DAF gave invited lectures at the Open University in Milton Keynes and at Sunderland University.

May 2016 DAF gave a Xuetong lecture at Tsinghua University in Beijing, hosted by Prof Xi Jiang. The trip also included visits to the groups of Yapei Wang at Renmin University and Shu Wang at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Chemistry.